Sibu BASE Jump 2009

Standing 126 meters high, Wisma Sanyan is the tallest building in Sarawak.

Sibu, Sarawak is located in Eastern Malaysia on the island of Borneo. It is less than a 2 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur.

Wisma Sanyan Sibu Sarawak Location


Sibu BASE 2009 took place on Saturday 31st October 2009.
10 BASE jumpers completed 60 jumps off Wisma Sanyan.

Sibu BASE Jump 2009 Jumpers and VIPs


Sibu BASE Jump off Wisma Sanyan


Sibu BASE Jump 2009 - BASE jumper Gary Cunningham with Wisma Sanyan flag landing


More about our day of jumping can be seen at the following blogs.


Following the day of jumping we visited an Iban longhouse at Bawang Assan. This became a highlight of the trip as the Iban people were so friendly and welcoming.

Iban Longhouse in Sibu, Sarawak

Iban Longhouse in Sibu, SarawakIban Longhouse in Sibu, Sarawak

We sampled much of the home made rice wine while we were there.

The communities first boat race also took place that day.

Iban Boat Race
Iban Boat RaceIban Boat Race


Iban People and BASE Jumpers


The event is organised by the Malaysian BASE Association and local Sarawak BASE organiser Captain Wallen Alexander Gugak of Civil Aviation Sports. It is supported by Sarawak Tourism and Pelita Towerview Sdn Bhd, the management of Wisma Sanyan.

Civil Aviation Sports


Malaysia BASE Association


Sarawak Tourism Board


Sarawak The New Mamlaysia Frontier


Trial Jumps

Aziz Ahmad and Azuan Taharudin after BASE jumping off Wisma Sanyan in Sibu Sarawak


Trial jumps off Wisma Sanyan in Sibu took place on 25/07/2009. Jumps were completed by Malaysian BASE Association President Captain Aziz Ahmad along with Azaun Taharudin.

Aziz with 10 years of experience at organising BASE jumping events is very excited about bringing an event to this location.


Azuan Taharudin BASE Jumping off Wisma Sanyan in Sibu, Sarawak


Aziz Ahmad BASE jumping off Wisma Sanyan in Sibu, Sarawak


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For more information about Sibu BASE Jump contact Gary Cunningham.


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